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Our top stories from May 2020

News about falling recycling revenues for the largest waste haulers in North America captured attention in May.| Rosamar/Shutterstock

Articles about markets, markets and more markets drew clicks from our readers last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in May in terms of unique page views.

1 | Recycling markets continued to challenge WM and others in Q1
Two years after China’s imports ban upended material flows, recycling revenues are still falling for the largest waste and recycling companies in North America.

2 | Low virgin plastics pricing pinches recycling market further
The coronavirus pandemic has piled on top of existing plastics recycling market strife to cause pricing fluctuations and create uncertainty about how end users will meet their sustainability commitments.

3 | Paper prices spike across the country
Mixed paper, OCC and other fiber grades increased in price last month, with OCC rising to higher than $100 per ton. Plastic price trends are more of a mixed bag.

4 | China moves closer to complete import ban
China recently enshrined in law its intent to eliminate “solid waste” imports. Even so, the government continues to approve more imports of recovered fiber.

5 | OCC supply shortfalls drive up prices
The coronavirus pandemic has sharply diminished OCC collection from established commercial channels and some residential programs. An analyst describes how the virus hit the paper sector, and mill operators offer perspective on how they’re reacting.


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