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Our top stories from January 2020

Suburban backyards in Michigan.

News about funding to boost Michigan’s recycling programs captured attention last month. | KyleHohler/Shutterstock

Articles about paper recycling markets, upcoming extended producer responsibility legislation and grant funding for the Great Lakes State drew readers’ interest last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in January in terms of unique page views.

1 | Details on India’s mixed paper import crackdown
India, the largest overseas market for U.S. mixed paper, has tightened quality standards and reduced its recycled fiber import volume.

2 | Pratt to build more US recycled fiber mills
A major end user of mixed paper and OCC will construct two additional North American recycled containerboard mills in the next six years, the company’s owner said in a recent media interview.

3 | Northeast state takes next step toward EPR for packaging
Maine legislators are gearing up to introduce a bill that would mandate producers to fund the recycling of packaging they put on the market. The plan calls for different requirements based on whether a packaging type is “readily recyclable.”

4 | Michigan recycling efforts to receive $2M boost
Detroit and other Michigan municipalities will bolster their recycling efforts this year thanks to grant funds from public and private sources.

5 | China’s overall paper imports dropped another 39% last year
China bought less of the world’s recycled fiber in 2019, the second year in a row of major decreases in recycled material imports. And the country’s environmental ministry has reiterated plans for an all-out import ban next year.


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