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Awards recognize variety of recycled-content products

California company Rewilder was honored for its Airbag Backpack. | Courtesy of the Upcyclers Network

In the run-up to America Recycles Day on Nov. 15, the Upcyclers Network has announced the winners of its product awards, which highlight goods made from recycled materials.

For the 2019 awards, the Upcyclers Network is recognizing those recycling wind turbine blades, airbags, ceiling tiles, various textiles, aluminum, PET bottles and marine plastics. 

“With these awards, we are reminding businesses and consumers that not only should they recycle, but they must buy recycled to truly enable the full recirculation of materials back into our economy,” Gina Lee, founder of the Upcyclers Network, stated in a press release. “By supporting those businesses who drive domestic demand for recovered and recycled material, we can bolster the financial health of our recycling system, lessen our reliance on foreign material imports, and create local jobs!”

The following are the winners from 30 total submissions (the first listed under each category is the “business to business” subcategory winner, and the second is the “business to consumer” subcategory winner): 

Material innovation/creativity category

Closed Loop Solutions category

Scale category

Honorable mention

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