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Industry group sees shifts in leadership

The National Recycling Coalition made a handful of important announcements during the Resource Recycling Conference in Minneapolis last week.

The NRC announced it has hired Marjie Griek as its executive director, marking the first time in nearly a decade that position has been filled. Griek is a former executive director of the Colorado Association for Recycling, as well as the former chair of Recycling Organizations of North America.

“For the near term, we definitely want to strengthen our financial foundation,” Griek told Resource Recycling. “We want to look at expanding current programs, working with very closely with affiliate state recycling organizations, and really building relationships with other organizations.”

In addition, a handful of NRC board members left their seats, and new members were elected to replace them. The following members were elected to serve three-year terms:

More information about the composition of the board is available from the NRC.

The NRC also announced the winners of its 2017 awards, which are as follows:

Finally, the NRC announced it has established a task force pertaining to waste management issues in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The task force has called for local government officials to ensure environmentally responsible disposal of debris left in the wake of the hurricane.

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