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In other news: Dec. 5, 2016

In other recycling newsA man is caught defrauding Germany’s bottle redemption program, and one California city mulls zoning changes targeting bottle redemption centers.

Recycling center crackdown: The City of Fresno, Calif. is working on zoning changes that will affect beverage container redemption centers. reports residents are upset about crime near the centers.

Coffee cup recycling: A trial program underway in Australia hopes to prove that disposable coffee cups can be recycled. says Simply Cups has a process to separate the paper fiber and the PE lining. It can also recycle the entire cup into a polymer. Currently, Simply Cup has set up collection bins in three large cities.

Recycling fraud: A German man was sentenced to 10 months in prison for redeeming the same beverage bottle 177,000 times. According to Recycling International, the man rigged a bottle recycling machine so it would accept the bottle without shredding it, allowing him to use the same bottle for the financial reward. In all, he got 44,000 Euros (more than $47,000) from his scheme.

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