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Groups hammer NYC for change in commercial collection

Advocacy organizations are pushing for New York City to adopt a franchise-zoning system for collection of commercial waste and recycling.garbage truck / Andrea Izzotti, Shutterstock

The latest report from groups that are part of The Transform Don’t Trash NYC coalition lobbies for haulers to bid for service in specific zones. The report says franchise zones will keep prices transparent and low for customers while ensuring a steady customer base for the haulers.

The Transform Don’t Trash NYC coalition includes The Alliance for a Greater New York (ALIGN); the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Joint Council 16 & Locals 813, 831 and 210; the Natural Resources Defense Council; The New York City Environmental Justice Alliance; and New York Lawyers for the Public Interest.

The dedicated zones will also decrease traffic congestion and emissions throughout the city, according to the report.

In addition, the coalition wants businesses to have the ability to choose the size of their recycling and waste containers to fit their needs and budgets.

The report was released soon after revamped commercial recycling regulations took effect in the Big Apple. Since July 19, all businesses have been required to separate paper, metal, glass and plastic containers from garbage. In addition, large organics generators are required to divert food scraps from the waste stream.

The coalition has been pushing for franchise zones for years and recently uncovered City documents that revealed the recycling rate was much lower than what the City touted.

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