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British Columbia EPR program just days away

Despite facing a torrent of criticism, officials in British Columbia say they are on track to transform the Canadian province’s recycling system into one led and funded by producers.

Multi-Material BC, the stewardship organization managing the overhaul, will begin running the program Monday, May 19. At that point, producers of printed paper and packaging in the region will be asked to pay dues for funding curbside collection and recycling efforts for those materials.

Several companies have opposed the measure and the added costs to they say it will add to smaller operations. Some recycling firms that are not part of the MMBC material processing structure have also complained the initiative will severely harm their businesses.

In an article that ran in the Vancouver Sun May 12, environmental minister Mary Polak stated while “no immediate plans” to alter the structure of the program were in place, some shifts could take place over time.

“I anticipate given that this is a program that will last many, many years … you will see all sorts of things evolve and change as well,” Polak said.

British Columbia’s EPR initiative is expected to be closely watched for its effectiveness in boosting recycling of curbside packaging and paper.

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