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Novelis cracks open partnership for certified recycled can

A microbrewery in Georgia is the first company to use a “high-recycled” content aluminum can from Novelis.

The aluminum giant announced this week Red Hare Brewing Company, based in Marietta, will be using the Novelis Evercan product to package beers that will be available to consumers starting next month. The Evercan aluminum sheet is made from at least 90 percent recycled content, according to the company. Novelis partners with independent auditor SCS global services to certify such recycled content figures are achieved.

Red Hare has been a leader in the proliferation of canned beers within the craft brew industry. According to a press release announcing the Evercan deal, more than 400 craft beer companies currently use aluminum cans for at least some portion of their packaging needs. Red Hare representatives note the strategy aligns with their environmental goals.

“The independent certification of the closed-loop recycling process behind Evercan strengthens our commitment to employing the best in sustainable business practices,” Roger Davis, founder and CEO of Red Hare, said, “making Evercan a natural extension of the Red Hare brand.”

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