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Carton recycling now in 45 states

Carton recycling is now available in 45 states nationwide, according to the Carton Council.

The manufacturing trade group announced that Alabama has become the most recent state to join the growing list after the state’s Dothan City municipality added cartons to its recycling program. Municipalities in 19 states have introduced carton recycling programs in the last three years, and the Carton Council asserts that just over 44 percent of all U.S. households currently have access to carton recycling.

The five states still without programs — Hawaii, Mississippi, Montana, South Dakota and Vermont — are being targeted by the Carton Council in its continued push to get the entire nation on board and increase overall carton recycling.

“In the remaining five states without carton recycling programs, we are working with recycling facilities to encourage the positive sorting of cartons and will work with their communities to add cartons to their programs and promote the addition to their residents,” the organization’s vice president of recycling projects, Jason Pelz, told Resource Recycling.

An interactive map on the Carton Council website gives readers an in-depth picture of carton recycling in the country. Carton recycling is now available in many major cities, including New York, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles and Denver.

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