Plastics Recycling Update

Top stories from March 2024

Amazon Prime plastic bubble shipping mailer.


A project that tracked plastic packaging dropped off in retail collection sites was our top-read story last month, joined by coverage of a chemical recycling supply agreement, bale markets, the Plastics Recycling Conference and more.

The list below shows our top stories published in March in terms of unique page views.

1 | Report takes aim at drop-off recycling system

An investigation that placed tracking devices in bundles of Amazon’s plastic packaging and dropped them off in store collection receptacles around the U.S. found a “failing” drop-off collection system, its authors said. Amazon said it can’t control how material is handled once it enters the recycling system.

2 | How sorting upgrades made a contaminant a product

A partnership between midwest recycling processor Rumpke and resin giant Eastman Chemical will create an end market for opaque and otherwise hard-to-recycle PET materials, driven by state-of-the-art sortation capabilities at Rumpke’s Columbus, Ohio MRF.

3 | PET and HDPE see modest price increases

Most curbside plastic grades continued to climb in value over the past month.

4 | Plastics Recycling Conference dives into industry trends

The 2024 Plastics Recycling Conference kicked off Monday in Grapevine, Texas, bringing energetic conversations around policy, investments and designing for recyclability.

5 | Committee explores federal role in packaging EPR

Industry representatives from across the plastic chain – as well as an environmental NGO – all told a federal committee that they think federal extended producer responsibility for packaging is worth considering.

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