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Additive companies report advancements

Interface Polymers is looking to make its operations more efficient, and CAI Performance Additives wants to make compounding easier. | Courtesy of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited

Two additive companies are expanding their offerings, Interface Polymers with an investment from GC Ventures and CAI Performance Additives with a new polymeric chain extender. 

GC Ventures, a subsidiary of PTT Global Chemical, announced it is investing in British additive company Interface Polymers to make GC Ventures’ recycling operations more efficient. 

Interface Polymer’s polyolefin additives can be used to make PE and PP compatible with other kinds of plastics, such as PET, PA and EVOH. It also creates strong surface adhesion to plastics, paints and general adhesives. 

“This makes it possible to recycle the mixed plastics widely used in food packaging chains across the world, solving one of the biggest problems in the recycling process today,” a press release noted.  

The amount of the investment was not disclosed, but GC Ventures subsidiary company allnex has also agreed to a development partnership with Interface Polymers focused on resins for packaging. 

Benoit De Becker, senior vice president of strategic innovation and sustainability at allnex, said in the press release that “technology and vision are opening a new future for plastics and packaging in a world where circularity has become central to all innovation efforts.” 

In addition, CAI Performance Additives launched ST-CE37, a polymeric epoxy functional chain extender for virgin and recycled materials. 

ST-CE37 is for materials that need help meeting performance and process requirements, a press release noted, because it makes compounding easier. 

“This innovative additive significantly improves viscosity characteristics, mechanical properties and inhibits the hydrolysis of polymers,” the press release stated. 

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