Plastics Recycling Update

News from ADS, Star Plastics and more

Industry Announcements

Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS), the largest post-consumer plastics reclaimer in the U.S., is working to build a manufacturing facility in Florida. 

Carbios, a French company that uses enzymes to recycle PET, signed a long-term exclusive strategic partnership agreement with Novozymes. 

Environmental nonprofit GreenBlue announced a number of staffing changes, including the appointment of Karen Hagerman as director of the How2Recycle program and Olga Kachook as the director of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). 

The Ocean Conservancy published a statement on England’s ban on some single-use plastics. 

Starlinger viscotec unveiled viscoZERO, a melt-phase decontamination reactor for the production of food-grade recycled polyolefins and PS and food-grade, IV-boosted recycled polyester. 

Plastics recycling and compounding company Star Plastics announced a rebrand of its recycled-content resins to reNova. The reNova products also recently received UL’s Environmental Claim Validation. 

UBQ Materials, which recycles mixed scrap materials into a composite material, announced the launch of a line of doghouses and cat litter boxes made with its material. 


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