Plastics Recycling Update

Our top stories from September 2022

Avangard's Waller, Texas facility seen from above.

WM’s acquisition of plastics recycling firm Avangard Innovative was of interest to readers in September. | Courtesy of Avangard Innovative

Waste Management’s acquisition of Avangard Innovative, thermoform recycling legislation, FDA letters of no objection and other news drew our readers’ attention last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in September in terms of unique page views.

1 | WM agrees to acquire controlling interest in Avangard Innovative
The largest curbside garbage and recycling hauler in North America will acquire and scale up Avangard Innovative’s U.S. plastics recycling business.

2 | Thermoform-to-thermoform bill draws mixed reactions
Current debate over a California bill requiring PET thermoforms to contain RPET derived from thermoforms boils down to one question: What will materials recovery facilities do?

3 | FDA greenlights a dozen resin recycling processes
Ten companies with technologies to recycle post-consumer PET, HDPE and PP into food and drink packaging have received the federal government’s thumbs-up this year.

4 | Prices for scrap plastics continue to collapse
The commodities market downturn continues this month, with plummeting prices for bales of PET, HDPE and PP.

5 | PureCycle opposition part of wider anti-plastic push
Americans are united in their desire for better plastic recycling, but the question of where to locate facilities is running into familiar not-in-my-backyard resistance, complicated further by concerns about racial and social justice.


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