Plastics Recycling Update

News from Lamipak, Pellenc ST and more

Industry Announcements

Foam Cycle released its 2021 annual report, finding that since 2017, more than 19 Foam Cycle systems have been installed, giving about 4 million more people access to foam recycling. 

Packaging company Lamipak began construction on its second factory. Located in Indonesia, it is the company’s first factory expansion overseas. 

Paramount and Nickelodeon launched “SpongeBob SquarePants: Operation Sea Change,” a global ocean conservation and sustainability initiative that will remove five million pounds of ocean plastic over the next four years and reduce single-use plastic in Spongebob products. 

Plastic sorting technology companies Pellenc ST and Ampacet partnered to optimize the recyclability of dark PET packaging on existing recycling lines. 

U.K.-based Recycling Technologies is shutting down after it failed to find enough funding to scale its chemical recycling technology. 

TOMRA will hold a webcast Oct. 12 on advanced mechanical recycling. 

Scientists at the University of Boulder published a method for recycling thermoset plastics by activating ‘dormant’ covalent bonds.

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