Plastics Recycling Update

Packaging company’s $10 million expansion targets film

Novolex building seen from above.

Novolex’s new mechanical recycling equipment will produce up to 28 million pounds of recycled content per year. | Courtesy of Novolex

Novolex is investing $10 million at its North Vernon, Ind. facility to increase its recycling capacity for plastic bags and other PE film.

The new mechanical recycling equipment will be fed roughly 40 million pounds of feedstock per year and, from that, produce about 28 million pounds of recycled resin, according to a press release. The equipment will be installed in phases and will be able to sort plastic bags, pallet wrap, agricultural film and more.

Expanded operations will start to come on-line in the fourth quarter of 2022, finishing by the end of 2023. 

“Our added recycling capacity in Indiana reflects the Novolex commitment to support the circular economy,” said Stan Bikulege, the company’s chairman and CEO, in the press release. “The technology will reduce waste and provide much-needed recycled content that we will be able to use in our products.” 

The plant is one of two film recycling facilities the company runs. Novolex also operates 57 manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe.

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