Plastics Recycling Update

Apple selects reclaimer for business-boosting program

Rick Perez of Avangard Innovative

Rick Perez, CEO of Avangard Innovative, a plastics recycling business that joined the second class of Apple’s Impact Accelerator program. | Courtesy of Avangard Innovative

Plastics reclaimer Avangard Innovative was chosen to participate in Apple’s business accelerator program, opening further opportunities for Avangard to do business with the tech behemoth. 

Waller, Texas-based Avangard was one of 16 environment-focused businesses selected for the second class of Apple’s Impact Accelerator. The businesses, which are owned by Black, Hispanic and Indigenous people, are involved in recycling, alternative energy, water treatment, energy efficiency and more. 

The program, which is part of Apple’s Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, provides training, mentorship and a chance to do business with the world’s second-most valuable company (after oil giant Saudi Aramco).

Avangard and its founder and CEO, Rick Perez, were selected to participate in the three-month program, according to an Apple press release. The company provides recycling technology and services for various organizations around the world, as well as runs its own U.S. polyethylene recycling plants, which produce its NaturaPCR brand.

After completing the accelerator program, the companies will be considered for business opportunities with Apple, as the company works to achieve carbon neutrality across its manufacturing supply chain by 2030, the release notes.

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