Plastics Recycling Update

Our top stories from June 2022

View of a food grade plastic wash line for recycling.

Readers were drawn to Steven Alexander’s op-ed about plastics | Courtesy of Herbold Meckesheim

The APR president’s defense of the plastics recycling industry, numerous food-contact approvals and more attracted our readers’ clicks last month.

1 | In My Opinion: Recent attack on plastics recycling was ‘pitiful’
The president of the Association of Plastic Recyclers calls an op-ed by The Last Beach Cleanup and Beyond Plastics an unfair and distorted assessment of the plastics recycling industry. He says now is the time for investments in recycling, not the abandonment of it.

2 | Panel approves over two-dozen food-contact RPET applications
A food-safety panel has approved applications from Indorama Ventures, Veolia, Coca-Cola Hellenic, NOVAPET and other plastic reclaimers to recycle PET in new food and drink packaging.

3 | California lawsuits take aim at reusable, recycled-content bags
If most community recycling programs don’t accept PE bags but some grocery stores do, are the bags legally considered recyclable?

4 | California recycling overhaul set to become law
California’s printed paper and packaging extended producer responsibility bill passed the state Senate unanimously June 30 and was signed into law, just before the deadline to pull a plastic-tax measure from November’s state ballot.

5 | How recycled-resin certification is playing out for one processor
Texas-based Birch Plastics recently worked with a third-party auditor to verify its recycling process, a step more reclaimers and compounders are considering as end users look for certainty in their feedstock.


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