Plastics Recycling Update

Firms collaborate on chemically recycled cup for Wendy’s

Employee at factory with Berry PP cups containing chemically recycled plastic.

Production of the Wendy’s PP cups, which contain 20% chemically recycled plastic. | Courtesy of Berry Global

LyondellBasell will provide recycled-content polypropylene to Berry Global, which will mold the resin into cups for use in Wendy’s restaurants.

Wendy’s will begin replacing plastic-lined paper cups at its fast-food restaurants with the clear plastic cups made of 20% chemically recycled PP, according to a press release.

The recycled content is certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) and is accounted for through a mass-balance approach.

The release notes there’s potential to increase the recycled content in the future. Berry and plastics producer LyondellBasell have signed a long-term supply agreement for the chemically recycled resins.

The cups will begin appearing in U.S. and Canadian restaurants in early 2022, with the initial set of large cups using recycled plastic. In 2023, all Wendy’s drink cups will use recycled plastic, the release states.

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