Plastics Recycling Update

Recent developments in chemical recycling

Closeup of bales of mixed plastics for recycling.

A number of chemical recycling firms have made announcements recently. | cwales/Shutterstock

Chemical recycling companies have recently announced certifications, development and marketing agreements, investments and more.

The following company announcements are organized alphabetically by company name:

Pyrolysis company Agilyx appointed Shellie Gasaway as the company’s new vice president of business development, Americas and Asia Pacific. Agilyx also announced a collaboration with NextChem to support the development of chemical recycling facilities globally.

Alterra Energy achieved the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS certificate for its Akron, Ohio pyrolysis facility.

Toronto-based GreenMantra Technologies, which uses a partial depolymerization technology to process scrap plastics into new products, announced a partnership with HARKE GROUP to distribute GreenMantra’s products in Europe.

Plastics producer LyondellBasell will consider building a “world-scale” chemical recycling facility in the next five to six years, the company’s CEO said during a recent conference.

Pyrolysis operation New Hope Energy received the ISCC PLUS certificate for its Tyler, Texas facility.

Communications company Cox Enterprises announced an investment in chemical recycling firm Nexus Fuels.

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