Plastics Recycling Update

Producers release reusable RPET bottle

Returnable and refillable PET bottle from KHS and ALPLA.

The refillable 1-liter bottle was made with 35% post-consumer content. | Courtesy of KHS Group.

Packaging companies have rolled out a lightweight yet refillable RPET bottle.

Equipment manufacturer KHS Group and packaging producer ALPLA collaborated to create the 1-liter bottle made with 35% post-consumer content. It is meant for container return systems that wash bottles for refilling.

According to a press release, the container, which has been lightweighted to 55 grams, has strong resistance to caustic, meaning it retains its quality and appearance through numerous washing cycles.

In the release, Arne Wiese, bottles and shapes product manager at KHS Group, stated they’ve had outstanding test results with preforms made of up to 35% recycled content. “Preforms containing 50% recyclate are also feasible for some brands,” Wiese stated.

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