Plastics Recycling Update

Our top stories from April 2020

News about a $32 million project to upgrade DAK Americas’ Richmond, Ind. plant drew attention last month. | Courtesy of DAK Americas

Readers last month were drawn to a mix of stories about PET recycling technology investments, vetoed recycled-content legislation and our editor’s take on “Plastic Wars.”

The list below shows our top stories published in April in terms of unique page views.

1 | How an advanced line will recycle PET thermoforms
Green Impact Plastics, a Mexican company building a $7 million facility in Southern California, is set to use optimized machinery to overcome challenges that have hampered thermoform processing.

2 | Virgin PET giant to upgrade Midwest recycling plant
DAK Americas will spend $32 million on a project allowing it to produce food-grade 100% RPET pellets in North America for the first time.

3 | Expect more PET recycling investments from Indorama
Resin giant Indorama Ventures will more than triple its global RPET production capacity in the next few years, according to the company’s most recent annual report.

4 | COVID-19 fallout prompts veto of recycled-content bill
Washington’s governor vetoed a bill mandating recycled content in beverage containers, citing concerns about the state’s fiscal future given the economic impacts of the coronavirus.

5 | Editor’s Analysis: The collateral damage in ‘Plastic Wars’
A recently aired episode from PBS show “Frontline” provides important reporting. But it misses some recycling realities and a chance to cover the deeper roots of plastic pollution.

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