Plastics Recycling Update

Company launches platform to improve plastics markets

The new Recycling Market Development Platform will highlight companies and connect people with tools and information related to recycling. | TippaPatt/Shutterstock

More Recycling and the American Chemistry Council (ACC) this month announced the Recycling Market Development Platform, a website offering information on recycling and material use to stakeholders throughout the recycling value chain.

“The purpose is to illuminate circularity in action,” More Recycling, a Sonoma, Calif.-based consulting firm, stated in a release. That means highlighting companies “participating in the emerging circular economy,” as well as connecting people with tools and information related to recycling.

Nina Butler, CEO of More Recycling, framed the platform as a tool to increase the demand for recycled materials, support the collection and processing of recycled feedstock, and generally improve the system of material use and consumption so it’s optimized for recovery and recycling.

“Success will require traceability of materials and recognition of companies entering circularity and reducing their environmental impact,” Butler stated.

Keith Christman, managing director of plastics markets at ACC, described the website as “an important platform to help equip stakeholders throughout the value chain with resources to accelerate the expansion of end markets for recycled plastics.”

The platform, which is free to use, will be officially launched on April 30, concurrent with “The Recycling Markets Outlook Forum,” a webinar hosted by the National Recycling Coalition, U.S. EPA and RRS Renew.

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