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Equipment Spotlight: Shredder targets hard-to-process plastics

The EWS 60/210 shredder is designed for high-volume applications. | Courtesy of Herbold Mecksheim.

Herbold Meckesheim USA has released size-reduction equipment tailored for plastics recycling.

The EWS 60/210 is a shredder that was designed for the pre-shredding of baled, bulky or other hard-to-process plastics, according to a release from the manufacturer. These loads could include film, including agricultural film, as well as mixed plastics.

The shredder is designed for high-volume applications, achieving a throughput of three tons per hour. It features a rotor that’s 23.5 inches in diameter.

In a description of the equipment, the manufacturer explained that the shredder is “designed to be very robust and durable,” and that it is suited for dry and wet operation.

Material is fed into the shredder’s hopper using a forklift or a conveyor, and it falls onto the rotor. A feed guide feature helps keep the material engaged with the rotor to ensure maximum shredding efficiency.

Because the shredder is “often used in the first stage of a plastics recycling line where foreign bodies are often present, special care has been taken to create a well-protected rotor with bolted armor plating to eliminate the need for frequent re-welding,” according to Herbold Meckesheim.

A protective clutch mechanism can engage if non-shreddable materials enter the shredder.

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