Plastics Recycling Update

Equipment Spotlight: Thermoplastic separation with high product purity

Separation equipment from SICON aims to facilitate increased recovery of valuable raw materials from mixed thermoplastic streams.

The Polyfloat system provides yields with up to 99 percent purity, differentiating it from other equipment that produces a low-quality plastic concentrate, according to SICON.

The system separates the plastics by density, employing a separation unit that minimizes the formation of air bubbles. Beyond that, the system is customizable to a processor’s needs. Variations include surface rakes and floor scraper discharge, allowing for separation of a wider range of materials including films or flakes.

The system can also be outfitted with a pre-treatment cleaning stage to prepare mixed plastics for separation. The cleaning system uses a washing centrifuge and circulating water treatment process. A dissolving station and mechanical drying line complete the line, according to SICON.

The Polyfloat system is optimized to separate mixed plastics including PVC, ABS/PS and polyolefins. It boasts a throughput of up to seven metric tons per hour per line.

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