Plastics Recycling Update

Equipment Spotlight: Densifiers simplify shipping of recovered foam

A densifier innovation aims to boost the cost-effectiveness of transporting EPS plastic for recycling.

Intco Recycling, based in Shandong Province, China, makes four models of its Greenmax brand hot-melt densifiers for foam polystyrene and polyethylene. The smallest in the series, the M-C50, has a 10.2-horsepower motor and is capable of densifying 110 pounds of foam per hour.

The largest is the M-C300, with a 58.3-horsepower motor, which has the ability to densify 440 pounds per hour.

All of the densifiers will compress foam to a weight of between 1,320 pounds and 1,750 pounds per cubic yard. The condensed material is far more cost-effective to ship than PS plastic in its expanded form.

Compressing to a ratio of 90:1, the machines’ output can fill a 40-foot container with 25 tons of material, according to Into Recycling.

Intco Recycling purchases the densified scrap from customers for recycling into frames. The company has factories in Shanghai and in the province of Shandong.

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