Plastics Recycling Update

French manufacturer updates optical sort system

The latest optical sorter released by Pellenc Selective Technologies features easier access for maintenance and improved air valve capabilities.

French equipment company Pellenc Selective Technologies (Pellenc ST) unveiled an update to its Mistral line, which includes a host of additional features. It is the result of four years of development by more than 30 engineers.

“Extensive feedback coming from our clients, our customer service team and our employees has been taken into account to design this piece of equipment,” according to a press release.

The machine includes more powerful and durable air valves. The electro valves also have a 50 percent better response time.

The equipment also has numerous accessibility improvements, reducing maintenance time by about half. For example, it includes an upper platform that allows a worker to clean the detection system without stopping the sorting line. It also includes platforms providing access inside the output box, so an operator can clean and replace electro valves in a safe environment, according to the press release.

Finally, the ventilation system improves the flight stability of ejected materials.

More than 1,200 Mistal optical sorters have been installed around the world over the past 15 years, according to the company.

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