Plastics Recycling Update

Equipment Spotlight: Unload containers of resin without a tipping trailer

Instead of using a tipping trailer to empty containers full of resin, A-Ward makes a container unloader that can get the job done as quickly – or slowly – as necessary.

The Auckland, New Zealand-based company’s container loaders and unloaders – otherwise known as container tilters – have been used for some time in other industries, such as agriculture and mining. But demand has recently increased among plastics recycling operations.

“As resin manufacturers and customers shift from shipping with many small bags to single container liner bags, the demand has grown for efficient container loading and unloading solutions,” stated New Jersey-based Foremost Machine Builders, Inc., which represents A-Ward container tippers for resin in North America.

The MiTilt unloader allows an operator to unload the plastic all at once or slowly over a period of time, effectively allowing the container to serve as additional storage capacity. It also eliminates the need for expensive tipping trailers. The equipment can unload either 20-foot or 40-foot containers.

Using the MiTilt, an operator unloads a container via remote control, and the material can be conveyed straight into a silo, reducing contamination risks.

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