Plastics Recycling Update

Wide world of plastics recycling: May 3, 2016

In Other NewsA European trade group delves into PET thermoform recycling, and a government report in Australia calls for major steps to curb marine plastic pollution.

Europe: Petcore Europe has released a paper exploring the benefits and problems associated with recycling PET thermoforms. The analysis comes after the trade association formed a working group on the topic, and it also explores ongoing PET thermoform recycling trials in Europe.

Australia: A committee in Australia’s Senate has produced a report calling for the country to ban plastic bags and microbeads and introduce container deposits by 2020. Plastics News reports on the many recommendations in the report, “Toxic tide: The threat of marine plastic pollution in Australia,” released by the Senate Environment and Communications References Committee.

United Kingdom: A U.K.-based company presented on its efforts to recycle carbon fiber materials into new vehicle parts, according to Composites Manufacturing. ELG Carbon Fibre presented at the Global Automotive Lightweight Materials European conference, held in Birmingham, U.K.

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