Plastics Recycling Update

PetroChem Wire: Recycled HDPE loses pricing ground in 2015

Prices for recycled HDPE peaked at the beginning of 2015 and never quite recovered to that level for the remainder of the year, following the general downward trend in prime HDPE pricing.

Post-industrial HDPE mixed colors regrind rose 1 cent per pound in the final days of 2015, with truckloads for January delivery done at 40 to 42 cents per pound FOB East Coast. Homopolymer natural HDPE regrind also strengthened slightly to 48 to 52 cents per pound FOB.

But in both cases, the markets ended 2015 lower than they began the year, with mixed colored down about 2 cents per pound and natural down about 3 cents per pound.

The trend was more extreme with natural pellets, which lost more than 10 cents per pound over the year, ending at 59 to 64 cents per pound FOB U.S. East Coast.

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