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CompuCycle brings e-plastic recycling upgrade online

To accommodate the upgrade, about 10,000 square feet were added to the existing CompuCycle facility, bringing it to 50,000 square feet. | Myibean/Shutterstock

Houston-based CompuCycle brought its planned plastic sorting line upgrade online, allowing it to process up to three tons of e-plastic per hour, including PS, ABS, PE and PP. 

The equipment includes a float-sink system, which complements a plastic shredding and separation system the company added about six years ago. 

Clive Hess, CompuCycle president, said in a press release that the company “saw an opportunity to solve an industry challenge by creating the first domestic, sustainable, single-solution e-waste plastics program.” 

To accommodate the upgrade, about 10,000 square feet were added to the existing facility, bringing it to 50,000 square feet. 

The system can now process e-plastics down to single polymers, making CompuCycle the “only company in the United States that provides businesses a responsible and sustainable recycling solution for both metals and plastics in-house” in accordance with e-Stewards and R2 standards, according to the press release. 

Kelly Adels Hess, CompuCycle CEO, said in the press release that creating single-polymer recycled plastics is “a gamechanger for domestic companies and those that need their plastics shipped globally.”

Right now, the system is operating at around 70% of its capacity as procedures and quality standards are developed, the company added in a statement to E-Scrap News. 

A version of this story appeared in Plastics Recycling Update on June 20.

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