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Top stories from May 2024


Readers last month were drawn to an analysis of current factors driving the ITAD market, a discussion about upcoming global regulations affecting the e-scrap industry, environmental reporting trends and more.

The list below shows our top stories published in May in terms of unique page views.

1 | Industry experts talk data centers, component values

Artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency are contributing to positive market conditions in the ITAD industry, and a number of company leaders anticipate the upward trend will continue.

2 | E-scrap sector faces looming Basel amendment

In just under eight months, U.S. e-scrap companies looking to export end-of-life devices will face a dramatically different regulatory landscape that, under some readings, will prohibit the movement of most e-scrap materials from the U.S. to the vast majority of foreign countries.

3 | First step in ESG reporting: Take stock of priorities

Starting an in-house environmental, social and governance reporting program is a natural move for ITAD companies to make – indeed, in some ways it involves simply communicating the work these companies are already doing to meet industry certification standards and best practices.

4 | Dozens of free collection sites coming to Pennsylvania

Goodwill, the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center and e-scrap processor Reworld have added 42 free recycling sites throughout Pennsylvania, a state with a long history of electronics recycling access challenges.

5 | Vermont passes bill expanding battery stewardship program

A bill that would add rechargeable batteries and battery-containing products to Vermont’s existing stewardship program awaits the governor’s signature.

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