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CTIA aligns device grading standard with SERI

CTIA’s voluntary wireless industry device grading standard was established in 2019 and is now aligned with SERI’s standard. | Valeri Luzina/Shutterstock

Repair shops that handle wireless devices will have a more straightforward time classifying devices after the wireless industry association aligned its grading standard with SERI’s standard. 

CTIA, an industry association for the wireless sector, said in a press release that it changed its industry device grading standard to reflect the requirements of Sustainable Electronics Recycling International’s R2 Equipment Categorization, which “streamlines the ability of service centers to repair and extend the lifecycle of pre-owned wireless devices, reducing waste and enhancing the sustainability of the wireless device supply chain.”

CTIA’s voluntary wireless industry device grading standard was established in 2019 and involved companies that repaired, refurbished and redistributed wireless devices and their parts. 

Michelle James, CTIA vice president of Strategic Industry Programs, noted that the alignment will improve the quality and consistency of device grading and repair.

“Our grading standards have helped achieve consistency for consumers, and now, by keeping used devices in the marketplace, and for longer, we are helping companies meet their sustainability goals and reducing our environmental impact,” James added. 

Corey Dehmey, SERI CEO, said in the press release that the organization appreciates the move and the cross-reference between the standards “will help R2 Certified facilities differentiate functional wireless devices that can be freely traded” from devices that need further processing. 

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