E-Scrap News

News from Call2Recycle, Integrated Recycling Technologies (IRT) and more

Call2Recycle launched a consumer awareness campaign “Recycle Your Batteries, Canada!”

Integrated Recycling Technologies (IRT) is partnering with educational program Viewpoint to produce a segment on the significance of recycling electronics. 

Lenovo rolled out a Certified Refurbished program through which devices will be data-sanitized, tested, refurbished and redeployed to customers. The program is limited to Denmark, France, Germany, and the U.K. initially, but Lenovo plans to expand it globally.

Stellar Data Recovery’s BitRaser data erasure software achieved Common Criteria Certification. 

Wieland, which owns U.S. e-scrap processor Totall Metal Recycling, published its fourth sustainability report.

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