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ITAD, e-scrap recycler chart sustainability progress

TES aims to repurpose 1 billion kilograms of electronics by 2030. | Chayanuphol/Shutterstock

TES and Enviri both reported progress toward sustainability goals in their 2022 reports. 

ITAD company TES, which was bought in 2022 by SK ecoplant, noted that it recycled, reused or resold 106,391 metric tons (over 235 million pounds) of assets in 2022, which is about 3.7 million assets and 5 million parts and accessories.

That keeps the company on track toward its goal of repurposing 1 billion kilograms (over 2.2 billion pounds) of electronic assets by 2030, a press release noted. 

TES also set a new goal of sending zero waste to landfills by 2025. In 2022, 76% of TES sites around the world hit that target, even as the overall volume of assets processed increased by 12.4%, the report noted.

In 2022 the share of the repurposed electronics that were reused versus recycled also increased to 35%, compared with 8.6% in 2021.  

Meanwhile, Enviri (formerly Harsco) reported that the company’s Clean Earth division recycled 9.36 million pounds of electronics in 2022, down from 18.3 million pounds in 2021 and 14.3 million pounds in 2020

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