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First America expands into solar panels, EV batteries

First America is now recycling solar panels as it expands into the alternative energy sector. | Courtesy of First America

Metals and electronics recycling company First America is leveraging a handful of partnerships to process material from electric vehicles and other streams.

Headquartered in Morris, Ill., the company is now offering both reuse and recycling services for solar panels, electric and hybrid vehicles, and other renewable energy equipment, according to a press release

James Li, CEO of First America, said in the press release that solar and EV technologies “are intended to create a cleaner, greener future for our children and grandchildren, but that will only happen if we reuse and recycle assets from these technologies.” 

Li  added that his company “can help already-green-minded customers recover additional monetary value by processing whole units and components, such as PV panels, for sale or reuse, and recycling these and other materials.” 

First America currently processes devices sourced from telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, financial, insurance, education and government clients. 

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