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Our top stories from April 2023

In April, stories about an ITAD firm and an ITAD industry veteran were of interest to our readers. | Courtesy of Mitsubishi Materials

A smelter’s expansion plans, processor-to-software pivot, battery-sparked fire and other stories drew our readers’ attention last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in April in terms of unique page views.

1 | Mitsubishi invests in US, eyes smelter expansions
Metals producer Mitsubishi Materials purchased a stake in a startup working to build a smelter in Indiana. Meanwhile, the company unveiled plans to substantially increase its e-scrap recycling capacity in Japan.

2 | ITAD company reinvents itself as a software supplier

The CEO of a now-shuttered electronics reuse and recycling company discusses his pivot from processing material to supplying software.

3 | Lithium-ion batteries cause fire at N.C. e-scrap facility
Lithium button cell batteries sparked a small fire at BlueSky Solutions, but an official at the North Carolina e-scrap recycler said workflow changes have been made to prevent future incidents.

4 | Why an ITAD firm landed on Ohio for its new location
ITAD companies often seek to site facilities near their clients to reduce costs and environmental impacts of collecting used electronics. With its new Ohio plant, CNE Direct also considered downstream movement.

5 | By going solo, IT lifecycle expert enjoys lifestyle change
ITAD industry veteran Todd Zegers recently left Ingram Micro to start his own consulting business. As he launches his new venture, Zegers spoke with E-Scrap News to share reasons for the transition and insight on industry trends he’s seeing.



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