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News from Aqua Metals, Colorado and more

Aqua Metals and 6K Energy partnered to develop low-carbon conversion technology to recycle materials into battery-grade cathode active material precursors, with the goal of supporting production of sustainable lithium-ion batteries. 

Colorado’s governor signed an agricultural right-to-repair bill into law. 

Computers 4 People and New York City-based mental health nonprofit Community Access were awarded a $250,000 grant from the New York Digital Inclusion Fund to provide literacy training and purchase laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots.

KC Recycling received a $660,000 grant from the government of British Columbia to build a specialized facility for recycling polypropylene from lead-acid batteries and other sources. 

Norwegian aluminum manufacturer Norsky Hydro is on track to open a recycling plant in Michigan at the end of 2023. 

A study conducted by the Restart Project and West London Waste Authority found that 36% of small appliances brought to a London recycling center still worked and another 10% only needed a simple repair to be reused. 

Sunnking, Li-Cycle and WM launched a lithium-ion battery drop-off program in Monroe County, N.Y.

Shredder equipment manufacturer Vecoplan will build a $6.75 million manufacturing facility in North Carolina. 

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