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Igneo to process end-of-life materials for IT distributor

Shredded material on a conveyor at the evTerra Las Vegas facility.

The collaboration will take advantage of the two companies’ large global footprint. | Courtesy of evTerra

Procurri, which offers tech solutions to customers globally, has partnered with Igneo Technologies for e-scrap recycling.

Igneo Technologies, a subsidiary of Korea Zinc, will provide recycling services for Procurri’s Lifecycle Service operations. A press release noted that the combined geographic footprint of Procurri, Igneo and Korea Zinc mean the companies are “uniquely positioned to provide turnkey and vertically integrated global recycling solutions for their customers and partners.” 

Evrim Eravci, global president of Lifecycle Services at Procurri, said that footprint is part of the reason Igneo was chosen, along with the ability to scale up rapidly and the fact that the company “shares our core ESG values surrounding the environment and our commitment as an organization to help make the world a better place.” 

IT equipment managed by Procurri is first evaluated for refurbishment. If it cannot be refurbished, it will now be sent to Igneo or Korea Zinc to be separated into plastics, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and precious metal bearing. 

The precious metals and copper-based commodities will be processed at Igneo’s facility in France or at Korea Zinc’s Onsan smelter. Plastics, steel and aluminum will be sent on to other end processors. 

In early February, Igneo’s subsidiary evTerra officially opened a processing facility outside of Las Vegas. EvTerra is owned by Igneo Technologies, which was acquired by metals mining and refining giant Korea Zinc in a $442 million deal.

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