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Industry Announcements

ACE Green Recycling signed a 15-year offtake agreement for Glencore to purchase up to 100% of its recycled metals from four planned lead-acid and lithium-ion battery recycling plants. Currently under construction, the plants will have a combined output of 1.6 million tons. 

U.K. nonprofit recycling campaign Material Focus launched a 2.5 million pound (about $3 million) Electricals Recycling Fund to support efforts to add household electrical device collection services or to innovate new methods for recycling small household devices.

Samsung filed for the patent rights to a smartphone app called “Self Repair Assistant,” which will help users repair their own devices.

Vodafone and the World Wildlife Foundation partnered to encourage phone trade-ins in Europe and Africa. For every phone collected, Vodafone will donate 1 pound ($1.22), or the local equivalent, to WWF conservation projects. 

World Computer Exchange President Timothy Anderson passed away in July. His wife, Pamela, took over the organization.

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