E-Scrap News

News from Best Buy, SERI and more

Industry Announcements

Best Buy launched an upgrade program called Upgrade+ that will allow customers to pay for a Mac laptop over 36 months, then decide if they want to upgrade to a newer device and return the original product into Best Buy’s system. 

Ford Motor Company worked with Everledger to create an EV battery passport pilot to track EV batteries throughout their lifecycle. 

Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) appointed Mike Easterbrook as R2 director. 

Pennsylvania e-scrap business Sycamore International is focusing on recycling and refurbishing devices in education. 

The U.K. Royal Mint is working with Rockwell Automation to build a facility to recover precious metals from electronic products, which will be operational in 2023 with a capacity to 90 tons of U.K.-sourced circuit boards per week.

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