E-Scrap News

News from HP, UpTrade and more

Industry Announcements

Robert Bunting has been appointed as magnetic company Bunting’s president and CEO, taking over for his father, Bob Bunting. 

Cirba expanded its Ohio lithium-ion battery processing facility through a $200 million investment. 

eCycle Solutions partnered with The Charity Hub, a business that repurposes consumer goods not ready for the landfill while supporting charitable causes.

Canadian company Electrobac acquired reverse logistics and mobile device processing, repairing and refurbishing company Versocet Solutions

Technology rental company Grover launched Grover Business Premium, a platform that gives companies real-time access to the location and status of its rented equipment. 

HP has recycled almost one billion ink cartridges through its Planet Partners program. 

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Lab verified Redwood Material’s cathode process, finding identical cycle-life performance, discharge capacity and Coulombic efficiency between virgin cathode materials and recycled materials. 

UpTrade released a trade-in price comparison tool for phones.

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