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Nokia makes pair of sustainability-minded moves

Nokia sign in front of company building.

Nokia has launched a subscription service that incentivizes people to keep their phones for longer using a range of rewards. | OleksSH/Shutterstock

Nokia is adding more recycled material to some of its devices and urging customers to use its Circular subscription service to hold on to phones longer. 

The Nokia X30 body is made of 100% recycled aluminum and 65% recycled plastic. The G60 also has a 100% recycled plastic back and 60% recycled plastic frame. The T21 tablet has a 60% recycled plastic cover for the antenna. On the audio side, the Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker 2 features a 100% recycled outer design and the Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2 Pro has a charging case made with 100% recycled plastic. 

Circular is a subscription service that incentivizes people to keep their phones for longer using “a range of eco-friendly rewards,” the press release noted. One of those is “Seeds of Tomorrow” credits, which customers can then donate toward global sustainability and charitable causes. 

“Circular minimises the negative impact phone ownership can have on the planet by keeping smartphones and tablets out of landfill and giving them a second life,” the press release stated. “Within our subscription model, Nokia devices go through recycling, refurbishing and re-subscribing or they go to a charitable cause that needs it the most.”

Under the subscription plan, any accidental damage, loss or theft will be taken care of without a separate monthly cost, according to the press release. Right now, it’s available for select devices in the U.K. and Germany, with a global rollout planned in the coming months. Plans start at 10 pounds (about $11 USD) a month. 

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