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Certification Scorecard: May 5, 2022

The following are facilities that have achieved, renewed or otherwise regained R2 certification recently:

Dragon Telecommunication Company of Hong Kong, China; Jiangxi Green Recycling of Jiangxi Province, China; and NorthStar Mobile of Carrollton, Texas. 

After completing successful audits, the organizations listed below achieved one or more of these NAID AAA certifications: physical destruction of hard drives, physical destruction of solid state devices, over-writing or degaussing of physical hard drives, over-writing of solid state devices.

Confidential Materials Destruction Service of New Territories, Hong Kong; Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations of Nashville, Tenn.; Royal Shredding of Alpharetta, Ga.; Securis of Chantilly, Va.; Shred Works of Oakland, Calif.; ShredQuick of Bradenton, Fla.; Synetic Technologies of Kansas City, Mo.; and The Shredder of Des Moines, Iowa.

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