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Equipment Spotlight: A shredder geared toward solid state media

SS16-A from Data Security, Inc.

The SS16-A from Data Security, Inc. shreds material to particles of 16 millimeters or less.

Data Security, Inc., a manufacturer of media destruction devices, recently released its latest shredder, the SS16-A. It’s designed to help operators efficiently shred solid state drives.

The company noted in a press release that the machinery shreds material to particles of 16 millimeters or less. Made to destroy a variety of solid state media types, the shredder is also compatible with mixed quantities of optical media, such as CDs and DVDs.

Other features of the SS16-A include push-button operation, a HEPA and carbon air filtration system, and safety reverse controls. It comes as an answer to commercial digital data destruction, and it’s marketed as an emergency solution for government organizations with more sensitive data.

The shredder is made to be portable, with a minimal footprint, meaning it is ideal for offices as well as emergency and mobile environments.

Data Security, Inc. is based in Lincoln, Neb. and has been building information-destruction products for 35 years.


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