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Our top stories from June 2021

EV car lithium battery pack.

Readers were drawn to news of a EV battery collection collaboration between HOBI International and battery recycling company Retriev Technologies. | Sergii Chernov / Shutterstock

Readers were drawn to articles on a variety of topics last month, including an upcoming new recycling standard, electric vehicle battery recycling, a White House supply-chain report, and more.

The list below shows our top stories published in June in terms of unique page views.

1 | New global e-scrap standard in the works
The International Electrotechnical Commission in recent months launched a process to create a worldwide e-scrap management standard.

2 | Firm’s strategy for electric-vehicle batteries? Partner up
Electronics recycling processor HOBI International has struck a deal with a downstream recycler to handle more lithium batteries from electric vehicles (EVs).

3 | White House links e-scrap to ‘resilient supply chains’
The federal government should encourage design for recyclability in consumer electronics and support technologies that recover rare earth magnets from hard drives, according to a report from the Biden administration.

4 | Experts explore three pressing issues facing the industry
Pandemic-spurred spending might mean more electronics entering the recycling stream, but any boost may prove a temporary exception to a long-term downward trend, one expert said during a recent presentation.

5 | In My Opinion: Environmental justice is a global issue
The leader of the Basel Action Network raises questions about a recent position statement from the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.


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