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MRM reaches recycling management milestone

Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company (MRM) is funded by a variety of manufacturers and oversees collection programs in 20 states. | FreeProd33/Shutterstock

A nationwide organization that oversees state program recycling compliance on behalf of many equipment manufacturers announced it has facilitated the recycling of 1 billion pounds of e-scrap.

Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company (MRM) issued a press release on Sept. 17 noting it hit the milestone during its 12th year. Founded in 2007 by Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba, Minneapolis-based MRM sets up and oversees e-scrap collection and recycling programs in 20 states with extended producer responsibility (EPR) laws.

Over 50 electronics manufacturers, including some well-known brand owners, meet their state EPR program obligations through MRM.

Funded by manufacturers, MRM vets, contracts with and audits e-scrap processors, using only companies with R2- and/or e-Stewards-certified facilities. It also runs a National National Mailback Recycling Program on behalf of a handful of OEMs.

“MRM’s streamlined recycling service helps manufacturers identify state-specific responsibilities, engage in responsible recycling and communicate crucial information to regulatory bodies,” Tricia Conroy, executive director of MRM, stated in the press release. “And our auditors continue to make site visits to ensure recycler compliance. As we push into our second billion pounds, MRM looks for recyclers on the cutting edge of innovation, to keep the electronics ecosystem as healthy and sustainable as possible.”

Several large equipment manufacturers will be taking to the stage to discuss recycling and sustainability during the opening session of next week’s E-Scrap Conference and Trade Show in Orlando. Head to e-scrapconference.com to register now.

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