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Our top stories from August 2019

Business meeting with documents on table.

Details on the closure of Arrow Electronics’ ITAD division captured clicks in August. | dokurose/Shutterstock

Stories about business struggles, a facility fire, and a high-profile legal disputes drew our readers’ interest last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in August in terms of unique page views.

1 | Arrow: Shifting industry realities drove ITAD closure
Evolving ITAD economics contributed to Arrow Electronics’ decision to jettison that segment of its business, according to company leaders.

2 | Updated: Fire breaks out at Totall Metal
An Illinois e-scrap processor suffered a fire last month. The cause is unconfirmed – company employees told investigators lithium-ion batteries were involved, but company officials dispute that fact.

3 | Financial outlook dims for global cartridge remanufacturer
Clover Technologies Group, the world’s largest collector of used printer cartridges, is suffering financial problems caused by heavy debt and the loss of two customers.

4 | CRT lawsuit: Some suppliers settle, others take a stand
More e-scrap companies are looking to settle in a legal battle over CRT stockpiling by Closed Loop Refining & Recovery. Another firm is mounting an outreach campaign arguing that suppliers who completed due diligence are not liable for cleanup costs.

5 | Scrap metal company involved in e-scrap to be sold for $23M
Industrial Services of America, located in Kentucky and Indiana, is being acquired by a regional competitor after a period of financial struggle.


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