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Insurance company acquires repair firm iCracked

Close up of a mobile device with a cracked screen.One of the country’s largest insurers recently purchased an on-site provider of smartphone and tablet repairs.

Publicly traded AllState Corporation acquired iCracked, a privately owned San Francisco-based company with more than 60 locations in the U.S. and Canada. The repair company will join with SquareTrade, an Allstate company that provides mobile device insurance and tech support.

Details of the transaction were not immediately released.

Last fall, AllState acquired Massachusetts-based tech support provider PlumChoice for $30 million. Like iCracked, PlumChoice was acquired to dovetail with SquareTrade.

“Today’s consumers rely on connectivity to run their lives, and they can’t afford to wait for device repairs,” Ahmed Khaishgi, president and co-founder of SquareTrade, stated in a press release. “With our recent acquisition of PlumChoice, SquareTrade is uniquely positioned to protect the hardware and software that power our customers’ connected devices.”

Photo credit: By Denis Shpacov/Shutterstock

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