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Processor opens facility to recover e-plastics

E-scrap company FCM will be recycling plastics from scrap electronics at a site in Cornwall, Ontario.

The plant is 25,000 square feet in size and is capable of handling around 15,400 tons of recycled plastic annually, Cornwall’s local Seaway News reports. The company will focus on recovering HIPS, ABS and other engineered resins commonly found in electronic devices.

FCM’s primary e-scrap processing facility is located near Montreal, and it has smaller operations in several other Canadian locations.

Finding markets for e-plastic from TVs, monitors and printers can be a challenge in North America. Research shows, however, there’s ample environmental upside to recycling the material. The American Chemistry Council has also supported converting e-plastics into hydrocarbon products, such as oil and diesel, as an alternative to recycling.

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